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Part II of my photos from this morning. 

I am so in love with the mixture of direct sunlight and what off-camera flash can do. Had an awesome morning in the city. 

Today I took a closer look at the cars on my usual street walk. Cars can be so ugly. Or disgusting. Dirty. Weird. 

My interest in old people is growing. I may have a new theme on the street. \o/ 

I am getting more and more interested in people above 40. The older, the better. Not shure if this will be a theme that I will pursue for long time, right now it feels pretty good, to stay with it. Let’s see, where that leads me. 

Part II Of The Photos I took yesterday. Pretty much upright stuff, I am clealy inspired by Eamonn Doyle.  

Old People. I just love them. How they behave, dress, their peculiarities and most of how: how cranky they are. Maybe I shout devote my entire street photography to them for a while. 

Flash on the street is such a good thing. I cannot think of not using it on days when there is no sun. Love the harsh effect. 

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